Between The Sea And The Sky


By Matthew Mazzotta, Olga Karyakina & Àngel Masip

The dialogue between the Pigna area and the sea is represented here with a light-hearted game of visible and symbolic references employing an easily accessible, naïve, light and playful aesthetic.

photo by Cai Weidong

Within the outline of the fish are reflected images of the historic centre of Sanremo, but at the same time they are moving within the architectural space, represented in a metaphysical silence. On the wall’s two-dimensional surface two different perspectives on the urban and marine landscape coexist: the first drawn on the city walls themselves and the second an external view from a far-off observer.

photo by Cai Weidong

The artists have also attempted to give a temporal dimension to this dialogue, symbolically told in day that follows night where the Pigna area is represented and reflected in this parade of animals.

photo by Olga Karyakina


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