4.programme & visitors


16th – 18th

-Arrivals & Intro to Cittadellarte

-Information (Surviving kit) – General info about Cittadellarte, Biella and activities during the time spent here in Italy

-Meeting with Paolo Naldini (Cittadellarte Managing Director)

20th – 23rd

Meeting with Michelangelo Pistoletto, Artistic director and founder of Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto

Residents presentations from Cai WeidongRaphael FrancoOlga KaryakinaÖzgür DemirciKarolina RychlikMathew MazzottaIbrahim JawabrehEduardo CachuchoEkaterina Kravtsova

Presentation of ReMida, a cultural project whose purpose is to give new life, through creative reuse, to materials that would otherwise be thrown away, apparently without value.

Presentation of Cittadellarte offices, Communication office and Production office

Presentation of Arte al Centro exhibition and the FRAC (Regional Fund for Contemporary Art) Collection where there is the possibility for the residents to exhibit.

27th – 30th

Meeting with La Pigna/San Remo community. The residents will participate in a “mini residency” there in August.

Meeting with the Love Difference office. Love Difference is “an association that runs a network of cooperation driven by art to promote a civilization that exalts differences and that encourages the cohabitation between different cultures in the Mediterranean countries”, whose headquarters are here at Cittadellarte.

Meeting with Luigi Coppola, who alongside Michelangelo Pistoletto is the joint artistic director for Evento the second biennale of Urban art from Bordeaux.

Residents presentations from Ibada WadudAngel Masip and Elmas Deniz

Visit to Zegna Wool mill and Fondazione Zegna, Trivero




3 day workshop with Emilia Telese -artist, writer and professional practices expert.

Meeting with Francesco Manacorda director of Artissima, the contemporary art fair in Turin and one of the curators for FRAC (the Piedmont Regional Fund for Contemporary Art)

11th – 17th 

3 day Workshop with artist/film maker Sally Gutierrez and cultural theorist Jose Bueso, programme includes presentation of work by the artists, theories of the current globbal economic crisis, debate and video exercises







18th -24th July

Love Difference workshop

Visit to Castelo di Rivoli

25th – 31st 

Meeting with La Pigna/San Remo community

Visit to the Fondazione Re Rebaudengo, Turin



6th – 15th


16th – 22nd

UNIDEE residence moves to La Pigna, San Remo



The month of september has been kept deliberately clear to allow residents to concentrate on their projects for the final stretch of the residence.




UNIDEE IN PROGRESS – an open studio day at Cittadellarte that serves as a moment for the UNIDEE 2011 residents to display their work made during the last 4 months.


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