I Do For You


By Nicoletta Daldanise, Olga Karyakina & Matthew Mazzotta

photo by Olga Karyakina

The need to make a constructive dialogue with the community of La Pigna in Sanremo has transformed itself into the realisation of a small store, I DO FOR YOU. Set up in the Piazza dei Dolori, the project aims first of all to collect the residents’ wishes for the area and what they would and would not like to see take place in their every day lives, with particular attention to the issue of the old city.

photo by Olga Karyakina

The informal situation permitted the emergence of a confrontation on the thematic interests of social and cultural relevance, both strictly related to the old city and also those that are more general.

photo by Aastha Chauhan

The second phase of the project consisted of carrying out some of the wishes, chosen on the basis of their feasibility. At the final evening’s event, suggestions were brought forward with the aim of realising the expressed wishes, even if it was only for one evening.


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