Una Comunità Visibile Una Realtà Possibile

Una Comunità Visibile Una Realtà Possibile (A Visible Community, a Possible Reality)

by Aastha Chauhan and Raphael Franco

The sense of belonging to a place is reached through a symbolic relationship related to representation and to the act of representing.

This project is created thanks to a spontaneous collaboration with some members of the Pigna district, who, with extreme ease, were involved in the entire creation process of the work, influencing its aesthetic.

photo by Raphael Franco

Onto the face of a white wall, shadows were projected and then traced in order to create portraits on its surface. The participants, arranged in a spontaneous and heterogeneous composition, designed and painted the projection of their shadows with the help of the artists.

photo by Nicoletta Daldanise

The work is designed to be complete when the spectators in front of the wall are interacting with the shadows.

photo by Elisabetta Rattalino


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