The FRAC collection (Fondo Regionale Arte Contemporanea – The Regional Fund for Contemporary Art) is stored and displayed in the Museum of the Present here at Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto. The current works on display form part of the “Dialogues on Architecture”  from the annual art revue exhibition Arte al Centro. Adjacent to this display is an empty space which has been given over to the residents of UNIDEE 2011 as part of a new initiative between FRAC and UNIDEE, to use throughout their 4 month residence here. It can be a place to exhibit, to perform, to interact with…

Unidee residents visiting the FRAC collection and space, click on thumbnails for more:

On 8th July:

Paolo Naldini (Director of Cittadellarte) introduced Franceso Manacorda (Director of Artissima and a curator of FRAC) who came to meet with the residents to discuss their plans for what they propose for the space. After giving us some feedback, the residents must now decide how best to use the space. Watch this space for more details…

On July 29th:

On Friday night, July 29th the first UNIDEE/FRAC show opens. The event Friday in F.R.A.C. is being organised by Nicoletta Daldanise, It will feature works/performances by Cai Weidong, Eduardo Cachucho, Olga Karyakina and Özgür Demirci.

On 22nd Sept:

Residents getting ready for tomorrow’s Friday in F.R.A.C. show, hope to see you there at 7.00pm till 9.00pm.

On 23nd Sept:

The opening…


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