Art Dealers


by Raphael Franco, Ekaterina Kravstova & Karolina Rychilk

photo by Angel Masip

The image portrayed by the media of the ancient district of Sanremo is of having serious problems with safety and security. The UNIDEE residents, participating in Fondazione Pistoletto’s University of Ideas, decided to challenge this common perception by shooting a video.

photo by Angel Masip

Filmed in the Piazza Santa Brigida, in the heart of the historic centre, it plays with the same visual tools used by the media to destroy the image of the area, changing their meaning completely. It shows young people appearing to deal drugs but in reality they are selling small duplications of world famous art pieces: examples include the Madonna di Foligno by Raffaello Sanzio, I giocatori di carte by Çezanne and Il pensatore by Rodin .


Using this method, art becomes an instrument of inter cultural exchange in the city centre and proposes a new image for the area.

photo by Angel Masip


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