Aastha Chauhan (India) Inlaks Grant

Aastha specialized in sculpture both for her B.F.A, completed at the Government College of Art in Chandigarh, and her M.F.A. at New Delhi College of Art. Since graduation she has had shows in New Delhi and Bombay, in addition to working with KHOJ an experimental art studio in New Delhi, to develop their community arts initiative 2004-2010. As leader of this initiative, she has facilitated several independent art projects aimed at involving the Khirkee community that surrounds the KHOJ studio in New Delhi, all completed with community input at every stage.
She has recently been awarded a grant for a global art programme titled 1 Square Mile for a community radio initiative in Delhi, the programme was supported by the Visiting Arts UK in collaboration with Khoj. As well a grant for an ecology and community based project titled- Negotiating Routes: Ecologies of the Byways, supported by the Norwegian Embassy in collaboration with Khoj.
She mostly works with socially engaged art projects and is currently involved with a forest conservation project in Delhi as well as a community radio station in rural India.
Web site: radiokhirkee.wordpress.com

Angel Masip Soriano, Spain (Hangar Grant) 

Angel Masip Soriano graduated in Fine Arts at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid and is currently devoted to researching plastic art. Although he lives and works in Alicante, he occasionally spends his time abroad where he has stayed in cities such as Rome, Paris and Lisbon for temporary periods of time. His works are centered around the idea of “anti-landscape”, focusing on places which aren’t usually perceived as landscapes: empty cities, transitional spaces, residual places, etc…suburbs that shape the city and, as a result, its inhabitants.These places are set up by a concrete iconography, which involves a wide range of materials: rubble, garbage, wild vegetation, wastes etc… and, through these, Angel creates a symbolic reflection on the natural environment and its relationship with the urban space.

websites: angelmasip.blogspot.com   angelmasip-aneworder.blogspot.com


Anna Acciarino, Italia (Morning Star per Brera grant)

Anna Acciarino, is 23 years old and was born in Rome, where she finished her secondary school studies.  In 2006 she moved to Milan and started university at the Academy of fine Arts of Brera.  She’s currently enrolled in the post-graduate school of “Creative Communication for Cultural Heritage” and since January 2011 she has undertaken an internship at the Accademia Contemporanea Gallery, a valuable experience which deeply influenced her studies and gave strong fundamentals for her future. Her personal research, in line with the objectives of “La Città dell’Arte” (Michelangelo Pistoletto Foundation), will focus on those forms of expressive art activities that are connected to a “responsible transformation of society”.  Through a process of observation, description and classification of the expressive areas and forms of visual communication identified, she intends to study the value of their distribution and recognize new rules to be defined and applied.


Cai Weidong, China (Terna Grant)

Cai Weidong was born in 1978 in a military family in Tianshui, Gansu Province in China. He spent his elementary and middle school life there. After graduating from high school, he joined the army and took service for four years. His rank was sergeant first class back then. During his spare time, he started learning about art and photography. After he retired from military service, he studied in Beijing Film Academy. After graduating in 2003, he chose to be a professional artist. The main means of his creation is photography. His recent works use set scenes to discuss the production and transmission of images, as well as their interference with history and the mutation of their meaning.
web site: caiweidong.com


Eduardo Cachucho South Africa, (UNESCO Grant)

As an architectural practician, urban public space is a critical point of interest for me. What makes the general public gravitate towards certain spaces? Is it the solid infrastructure (paving, furniture, curbs, bollards), social bonds, intangible elements (light quality, air quality, atmosphere, ambient sounds), psychological or simple chance? I use multiple media forms to experiment with architectural and creative agendas. I try to utilise a wide variety of media; performance, video art, collage, videography and graphical representation to bring my works to life.
website: www.efrcdesign.com


Ekaterina Kravtsova, Russia (Olga Lopukhova Grant)

Ekaterina was born in Tajikistan. When she was nine, her family moved to Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine where she got her first experience of art and culture while studying at Sevastopol Fine Art School.
In 1996 she graduated from the Odessa College of Arts. At the moment she lives and works in Moscow, where in 2002 she got her degree from the Moscow State University of Printing Arts. Experienced in various fields of graphic arts, she has worked as an art teacher, an illustrator, a graphic designer and an art director for a popular magazine as well as doing personal art projects using photography, linocut, collage and digital media. Nowadays she is interested in social investigations, carrying out research into the relationship between person and society.
She has participated in a number of exhibitions in Russia and Ukraine.


Elmas Deniz, 
Turkey (UniCredit Grant)

Artist, lives and works in Istanbul. She is the founder of Merkezkaç publications 2011. She was one of the founders and project directors of K2 Artist Initiative between 2004-2007 in Izmir. She was awarded Berlin Goethe Institute cultural grand in 2007. In 2006 she participated in IASPIS, Sweden and FRAME, Finland Expert visitors programs. In 2009 she was a resident at La Friche Belle de Mai, Marseilles, FR; in 2008 DIVA Copenhagen, DK; in 2006 Vassl, Karachi, Pakistan; 2005 Aiwa Beiruth, Lebanon. She has participated in exhibitions and various projects in Denmark, Romenia, Armenia, Spain, Nederlands, Germany, Pakistan, Lebanon and Italy. She is interested in global power structures, state-control, urbanism, and globalization in her practices.
web site: coming soon


Ibada Wadud, USA (Fondazione Zegna Grant)

Ibada Wadud is also known as The Ethical Fashion Missionary. She’s a lady on a mission to create change using innovative ideas, sustainable design thinking and good old fashioned research one creative project at a time. Her UNIDEE project, NEW LUXURY, will focus on the equalization of luxury and sustainability in the Italian fashion industry and will offer recommendations for sustainable development and social innovation within the sector. Iba studies sustainable design at Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She holds a BA and Masters in the subjects of human rights and sustainable development. She is originally from Washington D.C. and has spent the last several years in Spain. Iba is the founder of the initiative ETHOS-DISEñO, a creative think tank, mobile design lab and green consultancy. Currently, she is spearheading ethical fashion R&D at Gloria Bendita and liaising a partnership between the Spanish brand and fair trade label EQUIGAMBIA based in The Gambia, West Africa.


Ibrahim Jawabreh, Palestine (A.M Qattan Grant)

A Ramallah-based visual artist born in Aroub refugee camp, Palestine, Ibrahim graduated from Al Quds University with a BA in Fine Arts. He has exhibited work internationally in Boston, London, Paris, Damascus, Cairo, Helsinki, Tokyo, and Dubai. Trained as painter, his work now relies on performance strategies and often engages public space. More recently he has become interested in developing his body-based performance work with ideas connected to land art.                                                website: ebrahimjawabreh.blogspot.com


Karolina Rychlik, Poland (UniCredit Grant)

Born in Warsaw, Poland, Karolina works and studies in a dance, choreography and performance field. For 14 years she has pursued a musical education in piano and Dalcroze Music Pedagogy. Simultaneously, she graduated from Warsaw University with the Department of French Philology. Music and dance composition being her passion, she has continued her studies with the Choreography and Interpretation Techniques Department at Institut del Teatre in Barcelona, that she is currently finishing. In 2009/2010 she spent 6 months with the Modern Theater Dance Department at AHK in Amsterdam. She is always on the move creating choreographies/performances, working in collectives and participating in workshops in Barcelona, Vienna, Paris, Brussels, Berlin. She is interested and currently works on the condition of the “uprooted” young people in “global Europe”.                                                 website: www.karocoreo.blogspot.com


Matthew Mazzotta, USA (Partial Grant)

The Architecture of Social Space: Creating ‘spaces of critique’ within the ‘places’ we live.
Matthew Mazzotta’s work evolves from an interest in exploring the relationship between people and their environments, as well as between each other. His practice is conceptual and manifests itself as participatory public interventions aimed at bringing criticality and a sense of openness to the places we live. He works in a transdisciplinary fashion, collaborating with local laborers, academics, engineers, builders, community members, activists, artists, poets, and anyone else that is willing to be involved in something experiential and participatory.
website: matthewmazzotta.com


Nicoletta Daldanise, Italy (Partial Grant)

Nicoletta achieved her Master’s in Curator of Contemporary Art and Architecture Museums in Rome. Over the last six years she has taken part in many exhibitions as an organiser and press agent for public spaces, private galleries and art fairs around Italy.

Moreover she is project manager for MoonboW, a non-profit organisation aimed to improve contemporary culture in Naples and the surrounding area. Several of her reviews are published in art magazines and are regularly featured in “Arte e Critica”. Her interests are mainly focused on multidisciplinary projects with a strong relation to their social context, group dynamics and new fields of application for arts.
website: www.moonbow.it


Olga Karyakina, Russia (UniCredit Grant) 

Olga was born in a big and old Russian city, Nizniy Novgorod, where she graduated at art college. She moved to Moscow in 2000 in order to further her studies at the Moscow State University of Printing Arts. After graduating in 2006, she founded her own design studio, called “IDDE”, and started teaching graphic design at her University.
Now she works as an artist, book designer and educator.

website: olkaryakina.wordpress.com


Özgür Demirci, Turkey (UniCredit Grant)

Özgür Demirci was born in Konya in 1982; now he lives and works in İstanbul. Demirci works with a variety of media such as photography, installation, video, painting, sculpture and printed media. He received his B.A at the Yıldız Technical University, Art and Design Faculity, Combined Arts Program (TR) and he received his M.F.A at the Gothenburg University, Valand School of Fine Arts,C:Art:Media Program. (SE)


Raphael Franco, Brazil (Fondo Edo Tempia Grant)

Raphael Franco (born in Sao Paulo, 26th April 1985) is a Brazilian visual artist and educator based in London since 2007. He graduated in Visual Arts at FASM (Faculdade Santa Marcelina), São Paulo. In his work, Raphael explores the relationship between man and nature, reflecting on the way we relate to and transform the physical world around us. He has been involved in collaborative projects and urban studies and has been showing his work in both group and solo shows in London and São Paulo. Raphael has experience in working with children and young people in diverse educational environments (such as schools, education centres and youth centres), dealing with different pedagogical needs.


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