on the sofa

On the sofa with UNIDEE11: a local reporter comes to interview our residents about their work here. Special mention goes to Nicoletta Daldanise, who was kind enough to help with translation.


mirrors and art signs

Michelangelo Pistoletto showed us around his collection of works and explained, amongst other things, the evolution in his work from painting to mirrored pieces and after the division and multiplication of mirrors how he developed his art sign and also how his concept of the third paradise evolved…click on thumbnails below for a better view:

introductions & piazzo

An introduction to Cittadellarte from director Paolo Naldini, Paolo talks about the Fondazione Pistoletto, its history and how it functions and hears about the residents plans for work in the next four months.

Next week the programme will begin in earnest but for now, there is a whole new territory to be explored, so in the afternoon, a walk up to the Piazzo (a geographical term for a flat slab of land that sits on the top of a hill)…and getting used to moving in a group!


It’s that time of year again…preparations for the arrival of 14 new residents for UNIDEE 2011 who will spend the next 4 months living and working together.

The Fondazione Pistoletto – among a Biellese industrial landscape that dates back to the early 1900’s

the important task of choosing a desk…

…and first introductions