visit to zegna wool mill

Out of the fondazione and into the territory – today we visited the the original and still functioning wool mill of the Italian clothing company Ermenegildo Zegna up in the mountains in Trivero, which is also the home of Fondazione Zegna. Biella and the surrounding landscape was defined by the textile industry, which provided employment to the masses as well as a definite industrial architectural style, so the visit is an important contextual element for anyone who spends time in the area.

installation by Daniel Buren on the wool mill roof

The inside of the wool mill or lanificio is an incredible mix of sites, smells and sounds, the industrial architecture from one hundred years of production, the machines that take innumerable shapes and forms and dance to their own production rhythms and of course the smell and steam from the washing and dying machines…

We were also shown around the vast archives of the company, the 100 years exhibition and installations from habitusZegna all housed in the casaZegna archive.