the problematics of the camera person, the interviewer and the interviewee

Day 2 with Sally and Jose (see previous post) – In the first half of the day, Sally Gutierrez presented and discussed with us with some of her video art and documentary pieces.

In the afternoon we watched the results of the video exercise from the previous day. Three different groups, with three different ways of negotiating the roles of camera person, interviewer and interviewee. Such a seemingly simple exercise throws up many complex issues as the balance of power (and as a result, how the interviewee is perceived) continually shifts between the roles of camera person, interviewer and interviewee…

one to ones to discuss individual projects

sally gutierrez and jose bueso

Workshop with artist/film maker Sally Gutierrez and cultural theorist Jose Bueso, first of all “no nos representan” (they do not represent us/we are not represented)  an introduction by Jose to the 15 May movement which began in Spain but has occurred simultaneously all over Europe.

…and then a debate on the issues raised.

Part of the presentation included the contextualisation of how recent world economic events and trends may have led us to our current global “crisis” condition as seen in the animation by RSA Animate below:

academic David Harvey on the Crises of Capitalism

In the afternoon a video exercise in who exactly “holds the power” when it comes to video reportage… groups are split into 3 and take turns in the roles of film maker, interviewer and interviewee. Under a series of rules including no post production or post film editing, the residents film and reply to questions previously set forth by the group.