an evening with CO-LAB

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Congratulations to Nicoletta Daldanise and all the residents of UNIDEE 2011 who participated in the CO-LAB event (organised by Nicoletta)  this Sunday, 18 September in Palazzo Ferrero, Biella…

Olga Karyakina setting up her installation…

Ibada Wadud talking about her project New Luxury

Karolina Rychlik rehearsing her dance piece

Raphael Franco’s bike trailer film


CO – LAB and origami

Here is the flyer for the CO-LAB event organised by Nicoletta Daldanise this Sunday the 18 September in Palazzo Ferrero, Biella…

Flyer designed by Olga Karyakina to be folded into the classic origami form we all remember from our childhood.

Above are some of the points of contact and research Nicoletta has made for another project she is working on regarding the Biellese territorry.

the fondazione reflected in the mirror of Rapha’s bike trailer…

ibrahim constructing…

annie painting

up and coming events

The UNIDEE residents have been a busy lot over the summer, here are a few of the up and coming events…

The running order of the CO-LAB event organised by Nicoletta Daldanise on Sunday 18 September in Palazzo Ferrero, Biella will be:

h 17.00 – 19.30 Gardens: WORKSHOP about natural dyeing techniques by Ibada Wadud

h 17.00 – 19.30 Gardens: WORKSHOP for green sculptures by Olga Karyakina with the collaboration of Giardino Botanico di Oropa

h 18.00 – 19.00 Yard: PRESENTATION of a musical workshop by Accademia Perosi

h 18.30 – 19.00 Caffetteria: BIKE TOUR arrival with Raphael Franco: projection of the documentation and free tea.

h 19.00 – 20.00 Yard: PRESENTATION of Open Mic Lab workshop by Groove aps.

h 21.00 Spazio Performance – Stalker Teatro: PERFORMANCE with wool by Karolina Rychlik

h 22.00 Gardens: PROJECTION by Elmas Deniz

h 22.30 – 23.00 Gardens: JAM SESSION by Collettivo MDM with LASER PROJECTION by Unidee Residents

friday in FRAC

On Friday we had the opening of the Friday in F.R.A.C. exhibition organised by Nicoletta Daldanise, featuring works/performances by Cai Weidong, Eduardo Cachucho, Olga Karyakina and Özgür Demirci. Official photographs/film and texts of the works can be found in the FRAC and Unidee section of this blog.

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FRAC matters

The UNIDEE residents are a busy lot, as well as working on their own individual and collaborative projects, there are several other group events throughout the 4 month residence for which they are also making new works. For example, there is a lot of extra activity this week as the first of two UNIDEE interventions in the FRAC space will open this friday… (see invitation above) The event Friday in F.R.A.C. is being organised by Nicoletta Daldanise, It will feature works/performances by Cai Weidong, Eduardo Cachucho, Olga Karyakina and Özgür Demirci. Anyone in the Biella area who is interested is welcome to come and join us for the opening here at Cittadellarte in the FRAC space this friday from 7-9pm.

measuring up…

remida and presentations

The first few weeks of the residency are very busy as presentations by the residents and the offices of Cittadellarte need to be made, it feels like a very intensive period but in the end 4 months is not such a long time, so it is important that work is contextualised as soon as possible.

A visit to the ReMida office where Sylvie Calmon introduced the project:

ReMida is a cultural project initiated in Reggio Emilia in 1996 to promote a new way of considering ecology through giving value to waste as objects that may be useful for living a creative and educational experience in full respect of the environment.  Read more about Remida here

 presentation from Cittadellarte Communication office

In the afternoon presentations by residents, Karolina Rychlik (dancer/choreographer), Mathew Mazzotta (artist), Nicoletta Daldanise (curator) and Ibrahim Jawabreh.