love difference and evento

A very full day today, in the morning we had a meeting with Love Difference, “an association that runs a network of cooperation driven by art to promote a civilization that exalts differences and that encourages the cohabitation between different cultures in the Mediterranean countries”, whose headquarters are here at Cittadellarte.

They presented past projects such as Gudran (download a text here) , and also the Methods project, an interdisciplinary research on methodologies. There was also a discussion on the meaning of creative culture and what we think as individuals this is.

In the afternoon Luigi Coppola, who alongside Michelangelo Pistoletto is the joint artistic director for Evento the second biennale of Urban art from Bordeaux gave a talk on the monumental task of how you curate a city wide biennale from scratch and showed us the works, interventions and artists who will be participating this year.