alioum’s aprons…

Cameroonian artist Alioum Moussa was a resident last year in UNIDEE 2010, during his time here, his design for the Illy coffee can was selected to go into production. He subsequently was invited to design the outfits for Galleria illy’s attendants…Here is an article about him from Sublime Magazine. If you click on the images and then enlarge, the article should be legible:


news from last year’s UNIDEE

Cittadellarte’s decade-long collaboration with illy revolves around UNIDEE and its annual International Residency Programme. Every year illy invites the UNIDEE artists to take part in a design competition. The 2010 winner whose design was chosen to go into production is Cameroonian artist Alioum Moussa and above is his winning design for the illy coffee can.

Alioum has now been invited to design the outfits for Galleria illy’s attendants.  In a development of his UNIDEE residency project, Moussa will use second-hand clothes (originally sent to Africa by Europe), hand embroidery and a touch of graphic design to create unique pieces of art.