More workshops with Emilia Telese this time with a focus on fund raising for your own projects.

The “Clarity Charity” a fictional charity panel, listens to brief proposals for residents projects, then giving them points for clarity and purpose, the idea is to simulate what happens after you submit an application for a grant/project/residence…

mind mapping exercise – a graphic way to view your project in its entirety


emilia telese

Emilia Telese is with us for 3 days. She is running several small workshops and one to one sessions with each of the residents. She is an artist, writer and professional practices expert.

She spoke to us about the concept of “being an artist is a profession” and one of the workshops gave guidelines as to how to write a pertinent artists’ statement. Some hints: your statement is not about your biography but about your work / it is not a marketing pitch / avoid vague adjectives and jargon /express concepts with precision … Maybe we might know some of this already but i think we tend to forget it all when we start to write about our work…and it’s really useful to have a set of guidelines to work with. As ever, Emilia’s workshops are thought provoking and cause much discussion…