threads, wools and textiles…

In the studio Ekaterina Kravtsova is making a work for the forthcoming Friday in F.R.A.C. show (Friday 23 September):

Kate has collected old clothes from local people she has known during the residency along with personal stories and memories related to those objects. Inspired by an ancient weaving technique, used in Russia to create carpets, she has shredded these clothes and  reassembled them in the form of mountains, a favourite place for the Biellese…


Karolina Rychlik has been knitting In the Giardini in front of Esselunga in the centre of Biella for a period of time daily, all this week. She has been inviting passers by to stop and knit with her for a while and to help her create a textile that she will use in a dance performance as part of the Co-Lab event this 18 September in Palazzo Ferrero, Biella.


meeting michelangelo

This morning a meeting with Michelangelo and the residents, with introductions to projects and some discussion, later he will show us around some of his artworks here at the Fondazione.

All residents will present their work during the next week or so and their proposals for the next 4 months work, we began with Eduardo Cachucho, who comes from a multidisciplinary background of architecture, graphics and video.

Ekaterina Kravtsova, experienced in various fields of graphic arts and film/photography
also presented.