UNIDEE 11 is the subject of and article in young Italian art critic Anita Pepe’s blog (in italian), see here.


Some thoughts on the processes that have lead dancer/choreographer Karolina Rychlik to work with movement and yarn during her stay here at UNIDEE…

“The thread is an element strongly related to Biella’s history of the textile and wool production. As an object it has also a lot of different connotations, such as “thread of life”, “Ariadna’s thread”… A thread is very easy to convert in a geometrical line, or a time line, knotted it can serve as support and create textures.

After that comes knitting. It’s an activity that has a long history and tradition, that demands patience and time and can give a very practical or poetic result. It’s an activity that many times was and still is making people gather, laugh, talk about life, dreams, past, present and future. A sweater, sock, scarf made from knitting contains the time and personal story of the person who made it. It “remembers” the process, thoughts and ideas that were conceived meantime. It’s like an insect frozen in amber, a piece of somebody’s lifetime included in the wool structure. For me it’s the point where the connection between the thread and life happens, both supported by the time.

Two of my projects are related to this idea, and in both I decided to use a woollen thread. First project is related to my personal story, myself being the one who makes a cloth and dances a solo wearing it through the streets of Biella. My story in-between other Biella stories. The second project works more with the idea of tradition, of group creativity, and co-existence in the time….”  Karolina Rychlik

Watch the blog for progress on Karolina’s projects…