unidee in progress…preparations

Save the date, October 1st, 6.00pm till 9.00pm. Come to Cittadellarte to see the work in progress of the residents of UNIDEE 2011. Free entry, all welcome, see you there!

Rapha mapping

Karolina constructing

Annie’s library

Olga sewing

Work in Progress – Transit by resident Ibrahim Jawabreh come to Cittadellarte on Saturday to see more…


more on derive


Meanwhile news on other projects: click on the derive icon for further developments in Eduardo Cachucho’s Derive “urban exploration app”. Eduardo has been opening up the source code of the application making it available to all and eventually also open to personal interpretations and customisations.

“Dérive is a randomly generated way to explore a city. Influenced by the Situationist movement, it is meant to aid city-dwellers in finding new and un-charted areas of their city.” Eduardo Cachucho

an evening with CO-LAB

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Congratulations to Nicoletta Daldanise and all the residents of UNIDEE 2011 who participated in the CO-LAB event (organised by Nicoletta)  this Sunday, 18 September in Palazzo Ferrero, Biella…

Olga Karyakina setting up her installation…

Ibada Wadud talking about her project New Luxury

Karolina Rychlik rehearsing her dance piece

Raphael Franco’s bike trailer film

CO – LAB and origami

Here is the flyer for the CO-LAB event organised by Nicoletta Daldanise this Sunday the 18 September in Palazzo Ferrero, Biella…

Flyer designed by Olga Karyakina to be folded into the classic origami form we all remember from our childhood.

Above are some of the points of contact and research Nicoletta has made for another project she is working on regarding the Biellese territorry.

the fondazione reflected in the mirror of Rapha’s bike trailer…

ibrahim constructing…

annie painting

plans for F.R.A.C.

The next event by UNIDEE in collaboration with FRAC will soon be upon us (Friday 23 September to be precise!), with this in mind Aastha and Rapha are collaborating with a street art collective from Turin…

(individual images by Aastha Chauhan)

“In conversation with Matteo Ferraresi and Eugenio Dragoni of URBE, Tornio (http://streetarto.com/tag/via-foggia-28/), we spent the day scouting for possible walls, spaces and concepts for the upcoming collaborative curation for the FRAC exhibition.”

Aastha Chauhan and Raphael Franco

watch the blog for more details…

sopralluogo in piazzo

“sopralluogo” is a very succinct Italian word meaning to go and make an on-site inspection, to check a place out…

Today some of us went up to the Piazzo, in Biella to see the Palazzo Ferrero, It is the venue for an event being coordinated by Nicoletta Daldanise later in September called the co-lab festival and will feature works/performances by various UNIIDEE 11 residents…

Some of the spaces being made available include the arcade and courtyard of the villa and the open air stage…

eduardo cachucho

(photo mvp)

Since he has been here, resident Eduardo Cachucho has developed an urban exploration application that acts as a guide to a town or city, he has created one specifically for Biella, here is what Eduardo has to say about it:

(photos unless otherwise stated by Eduardo Cachucho)

In a dérive one or more persons during a certain period drop their relations, their work and leisure activities, … and let themselves be drawn by the attractions of the terrain and the encounters they find there

(Guy Debord, Les Levres Nues #9, Nov 1956)

Dérive is a mobile application that aids a user in exploring their surroundings through the use of randomly drawn ‘task-cards’. These cards are refreshed every 3min creating a sense of urgency in the exploration for new objects, things, colours, people etc to follow, find, experience.

Influenced by the Drift Deck created by the Near Future Laboratory in 2008, Dérive allows a user to install the application to their phone and take the ‘cards’ with them wherever they are.

Please feel free to add your own cards by making a drawing and sending it to me, or merely suggesting new possibilities. I am making localised versions for specific cities. They will be added over time according to interest from specific parties. These localised versions do not include specific iconic buildings or objects, but rather center around cultural customs and architectural forms that can be found in the area. Currently Biella, Italy is already live, with plans for Johannesburg, South Africa and Italy, Milan under way.

Tested the app for the first time in the wild yesterday with Özgür Demirci, a visual artist from Turkey.

Project Specifics:

Compatibility – iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Card Count – 29

City specific – Biella, 12