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Özgür wrestles with tricky task of transferring vinyl adhesive…


Karolina sews a costume for her dance performance at BIARTECA, Rosazza, 29-30 July -after 9pm…


…Meanwhile…some of the members of the La Pigna community in San Remo along with a delegation on FAI (the Italian Environmental Foundtion) visited us again (see previous post), to hear about the projects proposed by the residents and to answer any questions…

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meetings and studio life

…and don’t forget about…


studio life

This corner of the world can become very humid and stormy at this time of year…It’s raining outside so there is simply no other choice, on days like this we have to work in the the studio…

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la pigna

The good people of the La Pigna community in San Remo came to visit us today. Last year, they initiated a kind of mini residence with UNIDEE. The idea is that the UNIDEE residents go to La Pigna for one week in August where they will be hosted by the community and at the end of the week they are invited to create a work or intervention inspired by their residence there for that week.

Click on the thumbnails below to see what happened last year with UNIDEE 2010:

5 Stones CollectiveAleksandrija Ajdukovic’Bora Petkova

Davide Ligas

Inaas Yassin

Juliana Mori & Chiara Tinonin

Maggie Lawson

Sara Hany Mohamed Abed

Veronika Tzekova