plans for F.R.A.C.

The next event by UNIDEE in collaboration with FRAC will soon be upon us (Friday 23 September to be precise!), with this in mind Aastha and Rapha are collaborating with a street art collective from Turin…

(individual images by Aastha Chauhan)

“In conversation with Matteo Ferraresi and Eugenio Dragoni of URBE, Tornio (, we spent the day scouting for possible walls, spaces and concepts for the upcoming collaborative curation for the FRAC exhibition.”

Aastha Chauhan and Raphael Franco

watch the blog for more details…


Judith Weilander & Matteo Luchetti

Judith Wielander from the Cittadellarte Art Office and curator (of “Practicing Memory in a time of an all-encompassing present”)  Matteo Luchetti came to speak to us about the project “Visible”.

“Visible – Where Art Leaves its Own Field and Becomes Visible as Part of Something Else”
is a project by Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto and Fondazione Zegna and
a book edited by Angelika Burtscher and Judith Wielander. The publication highlights nine curators, who showcase 41 ways of making art. The purpose of the book is to ”focus on artists who have demonstrated their capacity to deal affirmatively with the need to develop new economic models, the distribution of resources, the accessibility of information, the urgency to rethink ecology and landscape issues, the potential of differences and the development and experimentation of participatory and democratic political models.” The nine curators are Cecilia Canzani, Anna Colin, Hu Fang, Emiliano Gandolfi, Julieta Gonzalez, Raimundas Malasauskas, Mihnea Mircan, Gabi Ngcobo and Elvira Dyangani Ose.

more from la pigna

Özgür wrestles with tricky task of transferring vinyl adhesive…


Karolina sews a costume for her dance performance at BIARTECA, Rosazza, 29-30 July -after 9pm…


…Meanwhile…some of the members of the La Pigna community in San Remo along with a delegation on FAI (the Italian Environmental Foundtion) visited us again (see previous post), to hear about the projects proposed by the residents and to answer any questions…

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meetings and studio life

…and don’t forget about…

identità al centro

Love Difference and Marco Lampugnani present the project that they have been involved with; identity at the centre (identità al centro – a project by artway of thinking and Love Difference), a process of public participation for the improvement of the historic centre of Montevarchi.

The project “Identity at the Centre” aims to identify together methods and tools for the re-development of the Old Town. The approach is to use a process of participation for individual citizens to rediscover a sense of belonging and community, where participants get a “voice” that talks with the municipal administration in the improvement of the quality of everyday life. The citizens’ involvement is the primary objective of the project. In this sense, individual expressiveness is strongly emphasized, because different points of view make up the cultural richness of a community…(more)

…and in the afternoon exercises and experiences on the themes of intention and feeling based on methods by Artway of Thinking and the Hoffman Institute.

the problematics of the camera person, the interviewer and the interviewee

Day 2 with Sally and Jose (see previous post) – In the first half of the day, Sally Gutierrez presented and discussed with us with some of her video art and documentary pieces.

In the afternoon we watched the results of the video exercise from the previous day. Three different groups, with three different ways of negotiating the roles of camera person, interviewer and interviewee. Such a seemingly simple exercise throws up many complex issues as the balance of power (and as a result, how the interviewee is perceived) continually shifts between the roles of camera person, interviewer and interviewee…

one to ones to discuss individual projects

sally gutierrez and jose bueso

Workshop with artist/film maker Sally Gutierrez and cultural theorist Jose Bueso, first of all “no nos representan” (they do not represent us/we are not represented)  an introduction by Jose to the 15 May movement which began in Spain but has occurred simultaneously all over Europe.

…and then a debate on the issues raised.

Part of the presentation included the contextualisation of how recent world economic events and trends may have led us to our current global “crisis” condition as seen in the animation by RSA Animate below:

academic David Harvey on the Crises of Capitalism

In the afternoon a video exercise in who exactly “holds the power” when it comes to video reportage… groups are split into 3 and take turns in the roles of film maker, interviewer and interviewee. Under a series of rules including no post production or post film editing, the residents film and reply to questions previously set forth by the group.

francesco manacorda

Meeting today with Paolo Naldini (director of Cittadellarte) who introduced Francesco Manacorda, director of Artissima, the contemporary art fair in Turin and a curator for FRAC (the Piedmont Regional Fund for Contemporary Art). Cittadellarte is the home of the FRAC collection and the residents have been given the opportunity to propose and exhibit in part of the FRAC spaces.

Today was an opportunity to present potential art works and actions and to get feedback from the group and Francesco himself.


More workshops with Emilia Telese this time with a focus on fund raising for your own projects.

The “Clarity Charity” a fictional charity panel, listens to brief proposals for residents projects, then giving them points for clarity and purpose, the idea is to simulate what happens after you submit an application for a grant/project/residence…

mind mapping exercise – a graphic way to view your project in its entirety

emilia telese

Emilia Telese is with us for 3 days. She is running several small workshops and one to one sessions with each of the residents. She is an artist, writer and professional practices expert.

She spoke to us about the concept of “being an artist is a profession” and one of the workshops gave guidelines as to how to write a pertinent artists’ statement. Some hints: your statement is not about your biography but about your work / it is not a marketing pitch / avoid vague adjectives and jargon /express concepts with precision … Maybe we might know some of this already but i think we tend to forget it all when we start to write about our work…and it’s really useful to have a set of guidelines to work with. As ever, Emilia’s workshops are thought provoking and cause much discussion…