open studio!


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moving heavy objects…

Moving work by Rapha and Angel from their Walls in void series from one location to another…heavy, heavy work…not easy!

…and of course the installation continues…

Ozgur installing

The aftermath of lunch and Matthew Mazzotta’s place mats…

2 days to go!!!

unidee in progress…preparations

Save the date, October 1st, 6.00pm till 9.00pm. Come to Cittadellarte to see the work in progress of the residents of UNIDEE 2011. Free entry, all welcome, see you there!

Rapha mapping

Karolina constructing

Annie’s library

Olga sewing

Work in Progress – Transit by resident Ibrahim Jawabreh come to Cittadellarte on Saturday to see more…

listen to the radio!

Some of our UNIDEE 2011 residents will be on the radio tonight speaking about their projects at UNIDEE,
Aastha Chauhan in particular is making a radio related work:
Lala Tampa is an interview based audio piece edited for radio broadcast; in conversation with Lucio Piana, the creator and force behind the local radio station “La Tampa” in the village municipality of Molinengo in the region of Piedmont, Italy. “
foto by Aastha Chauhan
Tonight from 8 to 9 if you are in Turin, you can listen to them on radio flash torino 97.6
…or for everyone else click on the links to listen on line:

more details to follow…

getting ready for Friday in F.R.A.C.

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Residents getting ready for tomorrow’s Friday in F.R.A.C. show, hope to see you there at 7.00pm till 9.00pm.

save the date and more news from UNIDEE 2010

Save the date…the second of UNIDEE 2011”s collaborations with FRAC opens this Friday 23 September.


UNIDEE resident Aleksandrija Ajdukovic’ from 2010 has a show in Milan opening this week.

CARTE BLANCHE #5: Fashion in Biella Newsreel 2010
Palazzo Cordusio – UniCredit Branch, Milan
23rd September – 30th December 2011

“The show consists of a video work and a number of photographs by the Serbian artist Aleksandrija Ajdukovic, telling the stories of ordinary people through the clothes they wear in their everyday lives. The reference to the world of fashion emerges from the poses typical of professional models as struck by the protagonists of the photos: Fashion in Biella Newsreel 2010 in fact starts out from fashion only to then reveal the individuals points of view and the way they presents themselves to others.”

more on derive


Meanwhile news on other projects: click on the derive icon for further developments in Eduardo Cachucho’s Derive “urban exploration app”. Eduardo has been opening up the source code of the application making it available to all and eventually also open to personal interpretations and customisations.

“Dérive is a randomly generated way to explore a city. Influenced by the Situationist movement, it is meant to aid city-dwellers in finding new and un-charted areas of their city.” Eduardo Cachucho

an evening with CO-LAB

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Congratulations to Nicoletta Daldanise and all the residents of UNIDEE 2011 who participated in the CO-LAB event (organised by Nicoletta)  this Sunday, 18 September in Palazzo Ferrero, Biella…

Olga Karyakina setting up her installation…

Ibada Wadud talking about her project New Luxury

Karolina Rychlik rehearsing her dance piece

Raphael Franco’s bike trailer film

CO – LAB and origami

Here is the flyer for the CO-LAB event organised by Nicoletta Daldanise this Sunday the 18 September in Palazzo Ferrero, Biella…

Flyer designed by Olga Karyakina to be folded into the classic origami form we all remember from our childhood.

Above are some of the points of contact and research Nicoletta has made for another project she is working on regarding the Biellese territorry.

the fondazione reflected in the mirror of Rapha’s bike trailer…

ibrahim constructing…

annie painting

threads, wools and textiles…

In the studio Ekaterina Kravtsova is making a work for the forthcoming Friday in F.R.A.C. show (Friday 23 September):

Kate has collected old clothes from local people she has known during the residency along with personal stories and memories related to those objects. Inspired by an ancient weaving technique, used in Russia to create carpets, she has shredded these clothes and  reassembled them in the form of mountains, a favourite place for the Biellese…


Karolina Rychlik has been knitting In the Giardini in front of Esselunga in the centre of Biella for a period of time daily, all this week. She has been inviting passers by to stop and knit with her for a while and to help her create a textile that she will use in a dance performance as part of the Co-Lab event this 18 September in Palazzo Ferrero, Biella.