postcript Bordeaux

Normally the UNIDEE blog ends with our open studio event, however this year, post the aforementioned event we were extremely lucky to be invited to spend 4 days in Bordeaux. We went to France to attend the opening few days of Evento – Art for an Urban Re-Evolution of which Michelangelo Pistoletto is artistic director.

Residents meeting the people who will host them during their stay in Bordeaux…Incredibly kind, generous and open people who welcomed us into their homes and treated us like family. A HUGE thank you to all of them!!!

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extra photos by Armona Pistoletto and Cai Weidong

The Biennale of Bordeaux 6-16 October…it’s all free and if you can get there in time, you should go!


cai interviewing michelangelo

Cai Weidong interviews Michelangelo Pistoletto with the help of interpreter Lin Yi-Chun. Amongst other things he questions Michelangelo about the role of religion and spirituality in his work, his opinion of Asian art and a clarification of the myth of the Third Paradise.

arte povera, michelangelo pistoletto and germano celant

We had dinner with Michelangelo and Maria Pistoletto and Germano Celant (critic, art historian and senior curator for the Guggenheim Museum, New York and Fondazione Prada)

Germano Celant is credited with the invention of the term,  “Arte Povera” in 1968, a new art movement of Italian artists which had great success internationally and included the artists; Boetti, Merz, Zorio, Pistoletto, Penone, Fabro, Kounellis, Pascali. The movement was also theorised by Celant in numerous exhibitions and publications.

We ate together outside and talked into the night…

Dinner in the Cittadellarte Courtyard

mirrors and art signs

Michelangelo Pistoletto showed us around his collection of works and explained, amongst other things, the evolution in his work from painting to mirrored pieces and after the division and multiplication of mirrors how he developed his art sign and also how his concept of the third paradise evolved…click on thumbnails below for a better view: