unidee in sanremo on other blogs

UNIDEE had an article written about their time in Sanremo by Silvia Iuliano for riviera24.it – it is in italian, here is a translated excerpt:

photo taken from riviera24.it website

16 young artists from around the world for one week in La Pigna to give the quarter a voice through art which promotes  a responsible transformation of society. This is the objective of the experimental workshop organised in the historic centre by the  association Pigna Mon Amour, which for the second year, is hosting the residents of the university of ideas – UNIDEE from Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto, in the homes of Sanremo locals…



One thought on “unidee in sanremo on other blogs

  1. A mio parere si tratta di progetti fine a se stessi, che finiscono tutti come fossero grandi aperitivi. Grandi distrazioni. Basta un po’ di colore e di interazione con gli abitanti per rivitalizzare un borgo? O servono strumenti per andare più in profondità?

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