presentations from recent arrivals

Presentations today from some of our more recent arrivals to the residency:

Ibada Wadud (ethical design researcher), Angel Masip (visual artist) and Elmas Deniz (visual artist)…


…meanwhile the UNIDEE space starts to fill up!

elmas’s bag!

ozgur will never do that again


love difference and evento

A very full day today, in the morning we had a meeting with Love Difference, “an association that runs a network of cooperation driven by art to promote a civilization that exalts differences and that encourages the cohabitation between different cultures in the Mediterranean countries”, whose headquarters are here at Cittadellarte.

They presented past projects such as Gudran (download a text here) , and also the Methods project, an interdisciplinary research on methodologies. There was also a discussion on the meaning of creative culture and what we think as individuals this is.

In the afternoon Luigi Coppola, who alongside Michelangelo Pistoletto is the joint artistic director for Evento the second biennale of Urban art from Bordeaux gave a talk on the monumental task of how you curate a city wide biennale from scratch and showed us the works, interventions and artists who will be participating this year.

la pigna

The good people of the La Pigna community in San Remo came to visit us today. Last year, they initiated a kind of mini residence with UNIDEE. The idea is that the UNIDEE residents go to La Pigna for one week in August where they will be hosted by the community and at the end of the week they are invited to create a work or intervention inspired by their residence there for that week.

Click on the thumbnails below to see what happened last year with UNIDEE 2010:

5 Stones CollectiveAleksandrija Ajdukovic’Bora Petkova

Davide Ligas

Inaas Yassin

Juliana Mori & Chiara Tinonin

Maggie Lawson

Sara Hany Mohamed Abed

Veronika Tzekova

visiting art spaces

Juan Sandoval, head of Cittadellarte Art office, presented some of his solo and collaborative projects and then showed us round the exhibition ARTECITTÀ. ARTE E TRASFORMAZIONE URBANA and the FRAC (Regional Fund for Contemporary Art) Collection where there is the possibility for the residents to exhibit.

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presentations and proposals

This day began with presentations from Özgür Demirci (artist), Olga Karyakina (graphic designer/artist) and Raphael Franco (artist) and Cai Weidong (artist)…

Presentation from Cittadellarte Production office by Armona Pistoletto and Sabina Fanchini who came to tell us something about past projects such as “Cubi in Movimento/Cubes in Motion“. They also came to propose a project to the residents for the design on the illy coffee can

remida and presentations

The first few weeks of the residency are very busy as presentations by the residents and the offices of Cittadellarte need to be made, it feels like a very intensive period but in the end 4 months is not such a long time, so it is important that work is contextualised as soon as possible.

A visit to the ReMida office where Sylvie Calmon introduced the project:

ReMida is a cultural project initiated in Reggio Emilia in 1996 to promote a new way of considering ecology through giving value to waste as objects that may be useful for living a creative and educational experience in full respect of the environment.  Read more about Remida here

 presentation from Cittadellarte Communication office

In the afternoon presentations by residents, Karolina Rychlik (dancer/choreographer), Mathew Mazzotta (artist), Nicoletta Daldanise (curator) and Ibrahim Jawabreh.

mirrors and art signs

Michelangelo Pistoletto showed us around his collection of works and explained, amongst other things, the evolution in his work from painting to mirrored pieces and after the division and multiplication of mirrors how he developed his art sign and also how his concept of the third paradise evolved…click on thumbnails below for a better view:

meeting michelangelo

This morning a meeting with Michelangelo and the residents, with introductions to projects and some discussion, later he will show us around some of his artworks here at the Fondazione.

All residents will present their work during the next week or so and their proposals for the next 4 months work, we began with Eduardo Cachucho, who comes from a multidisciplinary background of architecture, graphics and video.

Ekaterina Kravtsova, experienced in various fields of graphic arts and film/photography
also presented.

introductions & piazzo

An introduction to Cittadellarte from director Paolo Naldini, Paolo talks about the Fondazione Pistoletto, its history and how it functions and hears about the residents plans for work in the next four months.

Next week the programme will begin in earnest but for now, there is a whole new territory to be explored, so in the afternoon, a walk up to the Piazzo (a geographical term for a flat slab of land that sits on the top of a hill)…and getting used to moving in a group!